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Benefit Love

By |2015-05-18T08:51:23+01:00May 18th, 2015|Categories: Product review|Tags: , |

I forgot how much I enjoy Benefit products! I often used these products in the past and took a small break ( have no idea why!). Recently I found a few packs while doing a clear out and realised I have heaps of minis that I got in cute little packs over the past year. One perk [...]

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Chunky Dunk from NYX

By |2015-03-10T10:42:19+00:00March 10th, 2015|Categories: Product review|Tags: , , |

Hey lovelies I recently picked up some of the new Chunky Dunk chubby sticks form NYX. I got a pack of four with a great selection of colours in soft pink, red, light brown and a dark brown. I am lazy with lip products and always forget to reapply. These do not last very long as [...]

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Oscar Make up favourites

By |2015-02-24T11:35:06+00:00February 24th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: , , , |

It's that time of year again where all the celebrities pull out all the stops for Oscar season. Here are my fav make up looks from the night. I think Rita Ora looks stunning. Her skin is perfection and living her structured brow. Don't get me started with J Lo. She always gets it right in [...]

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Contouring attempt!

By |2015-02-17T23:44:20+00:00February 17th, 2015|Categories: beauty|Tags: , , |

Hey guys, I recently did a short intense make up course with The Academy for make up artists here in Sydney. Check them out here One area we touched on was contouring and the dos and dont's. There are heaps of u tube videos out there showing you what to do but it really comes [...]

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Mineral make up love

By |2015-02-14T08:00:45+00:00February 14th, 2015|Categories: Uncategorized|Tags: |

For the past few years I have been a huge fan of mineral based make up. The main reason for my switch from liquid to mineral is because it is so much better for your skin. Each product will have its different ingredients but so far I have been lucky enough to have found a few [...]

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