For the past few years I have been a huge fan of mineral based make up. The main reason for my switch from liquid to mineral is because it is so much better for your skin. Each product will have its different ingredients but so far I have been lucky enough to have found a few good ones that have become my all time favourites.
You will see from my other posts that I like to let my skin breath as much as possible and this is another big plus for mineral make up in my book.
The great thing too is that you can layer it up. You can create a barely there look or pack it for an evening look. I used always wear liquid on nights out but have recently switched to my mineral due to its staying power (great for sweaty dance floor faces!)
These are my top picks:
ASAP pure mineral make up:
This comes in 5 shades and suits all skin tones and types. I use shade two in winter and shade three in summer.
Jane Iredale mineral loose powder:
This was the first one I used when I moved to Australia and it’s so good! It’s one of the most popular minerals out there and def worth a try. I think I used Amber in the past but there are a lot of shades to choose from so get a therapist to help you pick what’s right for you.
Artdeco minerals make up :
For any European girls out there you are the lucky ones to have this product available. This was the first mineral make up I ever used and I actually trained with it. Debenhams stock it in Ireland and England and it’s price point is good. I always stock up on this when I visit home!

Lots of people shy away from mineral powders because they think it sits on lines and wrinkles. Ensure to prep skin correctly and use a primer. You can always try liquid mineral make up too.
The biggest mistake people make is trying to apply loose powder with a blusher brush! You NEED a kabuki brush. It’s specifically designed for this make up and your results will be a tad pathetic if you try any other brush.

Has anyone tried any of these brands?

Check out in Maroubra for Jane Iredale and meet the faboosh owner Cat

And check out in Paddington for ASAP

Jessie X