Hey guys,

I recently did a short intense make up course with The Academy for make up artists here in Sydney.
Check them out here https://www.tafmua.com.au

One area we touched on was contouring and the dos and dont’s. There are heaps of u tube videos out there showing you what to do but it really comes down to practice and patience for blending in everything correctly.
Here are the products I used for what I am calling a toned down version of highlighting and contouring:

1- Crown brush contour kit using the lightest and darkest shades
2- Essence go glow on tops of cheeks
3- Inglot translucent loose powder
4- Artdeco colour amerhysr on eyes
5- NYX smoky eye palette on eyes
6- Revlon bold lacquer mascara
7- HD eyebrow palette Foxy
8- Chi Chi beauty blender to gently blend together
9- Mixture of crown brushes for finishing powder and eyes
10- NYX chunky dunk in Carmel martini for lips

Remember less is more with all products and if you need more it’s easier to add after then apply too much!

I am loving the crown contouring kit but defiantly want to try a few others.
Any suggestions?

Jessie X