Hey lovelies

I recently picked up some of the new Chunky Dunk chubby sticks form NYX. I got a pack of four with a great selection of colours in soft pink, red, light brown and a dark brown.
I am lazy with lip products and always forget to reapply. These do not last very long as they are a hydrating product but no biggie! They feel great on the lips (like the rest of NYX products) and the colours go with everything

Bikini rose
Cherry smash
Hibiscus tea punch
Caramel martini

I have mainly been wearing bikini rose and hibiscus tea punch but I am looking forward to trying the dark brown on a night out.
I would recommend these for everyday wear or night time if you just want a gentle pop of colour. Be ready to reapply! That is the only downfall, however they are ideal for anyone with dry lips looking for some hydrating lip products 👍👍👍
I have had one in my make up bag and I have worn most days since my purchase two weeks ago. I picked up my pack in Target for $20.

Jessie X