Acne is caused by clogged pores and even though 80% of people are affected by acne at some time in their lives it is still one of the least researched skin conditions in medicine.

Blockage of pores can be because of dead skin, make up and sebum and if you experience a build up of one or all of these, pores become blocked and congestion occurs. If sebum can’t exit a hair follicle, it can lead to inflammation, and a bacterial infection, which can turn into acne.

There are different stages of acne. Professional skincare advice on the best products and treatments if you suffer from acne is vital. Lifestyle, stress levels and diet must be taken into consideration. A skincare routine to suit you is very important and must be incorporated with a mixture of treatments and modalities.

No two skins are the same and treatments will vary greatly from person to person. Treating acne requires a skincare maintenance programme for a number of months to help clear. The first step is to organise a skin consultation where we can assess your skin and lifestyle and help you create a skincare plan that suits you.

Treatments to help with Acne: