This weeks Wednesday wisdom is all about Yumi lashes. This is by far one of the most popular treatments at JOS

Here are some questions we often get asked.
How long does the lash lift last:
Yumi lash lift will last anything from 6-8 weeks and will grow out with the natural cycle of your eye lash.
Can you wear mascara after treatment?
You have to avoid mascara and wetting the lashes for 24 hours after the treatment. After this you can treat the lashes as normal.
Some people feel they don’t need mascara as a tint is applied. You can top up your tint as required.
Can you wear extensions or strip lashes with a Yumi lash lift?
Yes. After 24 hours you can do so if you want extra volume for an occasion or night out.
Do you need a patch test?
Yes. Safety is top priority for us and we will not do this treatment until you have had a patch test for glue and tint.
Is it suitable for everyone?
Yumi lash lift can be performed on most clients. There are some contraindications that may prevent you from doing the treatment but this will be covered at a consultation.
How long does it take to do?
Generally it takes 45 mins but allow one hour for your first time to fill out paper work and answer any questions.
What to avoid?
Please try to avoid wearing waterproof mascara on the day you are doing the treatment.
What is the cost?
Yumi lash lift is €45 and we also offer packages of you want to include a brow shape and tint.
Jessie X