At JOS Skin & Beauty we use the latest Medical Grade Eneka PRO Diode Laser technology to ensure we offer the most effective Laser Hair Removal treatments.

Eneka PRO offers quick, safe and effective Laser Hair Removal.


  • High power to guarantee the best results even on fine, residual hair.
  • Treats most skin and hair types regardless of  thickness of hair.
  • Quick, safe and effective hair removal with painless treatments.
  • FDA approved & Medical CE marked.


Eneka PRO is the highest power Diode Laser platform. Results are guaranteed on all skin types and phototypes due to the high power, large spot size and multiple wavelengths. Eneka PRO incorporates a cooling system that maintains the handpiece tip cold which minimises pain and protects the skin.


Typically, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology will require more regular and long-term treatments for hair reduction. A Diode Laser will work more effectively with less patient discomfort (with integrated cooling) while treating more skin and hair types than the IPL.


In addition to leaving you with smooth hairless skin, there are many additional benefits to laser hair removal.

  • Reduces ingrown hairs.
  • Gets rid of razor burn / bumps.
  • Helps eliminate dark patches and hair follicles showing through the skin even after shaving.
  • Helps reduce acne and rashes from shaving.
  • And helps overall skin texture and complexion.

Common Questions for Laser hair removal

Is the treatment painful?

The advanced cooling system keeps the handpiece tip cold, and therefore the treatment zone, rendering unnecessary the use of anaesthetics. Eneka PRO Laser technology minimises the pain and protects the skin so the treatment is more comfortable and easily tolerated by the patient.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of sessions depends on the body area to be treated, colour and thickness of the hair, skin type and the specific features of each patient. The treatment requires several sessions, since you must always treat the hair in the anagen or growth phase, and this is longer or shorter depending on the body areas. The treatment with Eneka PRO Laser device is ultra fast, because it allows to treat a larger area in the same session and significantly reduces the treatment time.

How does Eneka PRO work?

Following the principle of the selective photothermolysis, it transforms the light emitted into heat, to selectively destroy the germinative cells of the pilous follicle. The melanin, the substance that gives the hair its colour, absorbs the laser light emitted and transforms it into heat, causing the denaturing of the pilous bulb without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Are there pre / post treatment recommendations?

The days before the treatment, the patient should avoid the exposition to the sun, self-tanning and hair bleaching products. It is recommended to use total sun screening on the treated zone the days after the treatment and to not use other hair removal systems that eliminate the hair from the root.