Spring so far has been tough. We expect the weather improve mid February but this year we got wind, hail and snow. Today was the first day a blue sky was seen but it is still very cold.

Skin has really suffered and many customers have been asking me what they can do.

Here are some tips and products to get your skin finally ready for spring:

1. Increase water
Easier said then done I know but when your body is dehydrated it literally upsets everything. Your skin can’t function correctly when it is parched and can lead to spots and bumps while it looks for some oil and water in the skin.

2. Exfoliate
People avoid this in cold weather but a gentle exfoliation 1-2 times per week will keep skin fresh and get rid of dead skin cells sitting on the service and flaky skin

Daily exfoliating facial scrub from asap €40

3. Serums
If you have visited me at JOS, you know how I feel about serums. These are the building blocks in skincare and must be used for healthy skin. It all depends on skin type but in the weather hyaluronic acid is a must have ingredient in serums

Super B complex from asap €72

7 day moisture boost from Janssen Cosmetics €20

4. A good moisturiser
I usually don’t mind what moisturiser/sunscreen people use as long as it’s consistency suits the skin. In harsh weather a slightly thicker cream can offer more protection to the skin

Moisturising daily defence from asap €45

5. Skin peels
When it comes to professional treatments I like peels at this time of the year. They give a gentle refresh and have the skin glowing and fresh for spring. Dead skin from the colder months is removed and they are also excellent for skins that are congested and need a deep clean

Prep skin for two weeks with one of Dermaceutic 21 day expert kits €30

6. Skinade
The perfect add on to your topical skincare treatments. Skinade is a collagen supplement that you drink every day. This not only helps with anti ageing but it hydrates the skin from the inside out. If you suffer from dry skin all over, this really is a must have.

30 day supply €120

Try a few of the above tips to get your skin back on track and don’t forget at JOS offer free skin consultations if you need help on what to do. All of the above products can be purchased on the online shop www.josskinandbeauty.ie