Do you exfoliate ?

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I love exfoliation. I believe it is essential for healthy skin and something all skin types need. However, it can be dangerous territory if you don’t exfoliate, if you over exfoliate or if you use the wrong product for your skin type. The biggest problem I see in the salon during skin consultations is that people [...]

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Spring has sprung but how is your skin?

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Spring so far has been tough. We expect the weather improve mid February but this year we got wind, hail and snow. Today was the first day a blue sky was seen but it is still very cold. Skin has really suffered and many customers have been asking me what they can do. Here are some [...]

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Plouise make up class

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On Tuesday I was lucky enough to go to the Plouise class in Bellisimo’s in Limerick. I have been following Plouise for a long time and have to say I am so intrigued by this make up look. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but you have to admit, it’s like a work of [...]

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Cosmetics with Just Jordan and CH Chemist

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Last Saturday I went to CH chemist to see the wonderful Just Jordan demo some of the note cosmetic products. Lisa was delightful and exactly how I thought she would be. She recreated a soft smokey eye and went through her favourite products from the range. Just Jordan ❤️ Price wise it is fantastic [...]

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