A common question I get asked each weak is how to keep nails strong and healthy.

There are lots of different treatments and supplements on the market and it can get confusing.

Weather you have weak nails naturally or you have been going heavy on nail treatments, here are a few of my tips to get nails back on track.

1. Use a cuticle oil
This isn’t a sales gimmick by your nail or beauty therapist. Certain oils help nails rehydrate and recondition. Apply 1-2 times a day to keep nails flexible.

Gelish nourish oil €10

2. Invest in a good strengthener
Many now are formaldehyde free and help keep nails strong and healthy. By using this product your nails will again become flexible and strong so the nails aren’t snapping! React Max strength from the Morgan Taylor range just won nail product of the year at the image beauty awards. The feedback after one week of using from my clients has been amazing. This is a must have for anyone with weak nails.

React Max strength €16

3. 2/3 week manicures
I use Gelish at JOS. It has always been my favourite. Whichever brand you decide on please do one thing- get it removed from the salon that applied as they will have the correct product for removing that will match the brand used. People often say 2/3 week manicures ruin their nails. This only happens if you decide to pick and pull. The nail will become compromised. As tempting as it is, please resist. It takes 15 mins to remove and the nails are in tip top condition after. The same goes for extensions! Go to a professional and listen to the post care advice.
Another question I get asked a lot is if you need to take a break from 2/3 week polishes? Many of my clients get Gelish every few weeks and the nails are always healthy. However, sometimes, after a very long period, I will notice that it is not lasting as long and I will tell the person to take a break for a few weeks. It really depends on the person but if I ever think you need a breather for a month, I will tell you. Also bear in mind, some brands work better on certain nails. I know this sounds bizarre but what works for one may not work as well for another. See which brand works best for you

4. Wear gloves
While Gelish, shellac and other brands of 2/3 polishes have created an easy solution for people (no more waiting for polish to dry), you still need to do a little minding. Try to wear gloves if washing and scrubbing and be aware that harsh products can be damaging as can chlorine in pools.

If ever in doubt consult a nail or beauty therapist.

Have a great weekend

Jessie  X