Happy Sunday Everyone.

So in February I introduced Yumi lash treatment to JOS.

I had a lot of people asking for lashes or alternatives and I figured Yumi was the best for for my salon.

This is a lash lift and tint treatment that Lifts, lengthens and tints your natural lashes. It is a perfect solution for people that don’t like the feel of lash extensions or whose eyes get irritated easily.

So what’s involved?

While you relax with your eyes closed a little silicon mould is put on you eye lid. A glue is used then to set your lashes as they are pushed back on to the mould. Next, a solution is added to help lift the lashes. Tint is applied at the end for a dark colour and a nourishing oil applied at the end. The process takes around 45 minutes and can be very relaxing.

Post care:

After the treatment you must ensure not to wet the lashes for 24 hours or wear mascara.

You can now expect longer lashes with a beautiful curl. Results will vary depending on the length and condition of your own lashes. I have been really delighted with the results so far on both short and long lashes.


Before and after picture

Please note that it is always best to do a patch test 24 hours prior to your treatment.

If you have any questions drop me a line and I will answer any queries you may have.

Jessie X