It’s finally the weekend and I couldn’t be more excited because in a few days I will be on a plane home!.

I haven’t done a skin care post for a while and what better time to revamp our skin care routine for the party season.

I have to admit I have been SOOOO slack lately, which is very unlike me. I have just been about managing to take off my make up and slapping on a night cream before bed (and my skin has all the signs).

So here are my Skincare essentials for the Festive season:

Cleanser– I don’t care what one you use once you take off the make up! I never spend a lot on cleansers! This is only on the face for a few minutes. My favorite is still Garnier Micellar water and also the eye make up remover version. I think these are amazing and great for lazy girls.
If you have to use wipes do, but they are terrible for the skin, but handy for emergencies (like after a night out) and way better then sleeping with your make up on.



Serums– Yep, my favourite item in skincare. Serums are the miracle workers in our skin care regime. If you are eating and drinking too much this silly seaon you will need a hydrator. Look out for serums with B5 (Hyalouronic acis) and/or B3 Niacinamide ( helps hydrate, reduce redness and inflammation). These bad boys are like a drink for your skin and will completly hydrate it after a night of one too many. Always apply after cleansing followed by a moisturiser on top. The moisture in your cream will bind in to the deeper level of your skin keeping it super hydrated.
My all time favorite is Super B serum for ASAP. If you can’t find these ingredients I find Rose hip oil a good substitute.


A moisturising sunscreen– I have become vigilant with SPF everyday and it doesnt matter if I am in a cold or hot climate. Slap it on after your serum to stop further fine lines and wrinkles from appearing! There are a million good ones out there.

An Exfoliator– wearing make up and day to day activities can leave the skin dull and pores clogged. It is always good to try a day or two with no make up to let the skin breathe. It is ESSENTIAL for every skin type to exfoliate two to three times a week. Find a scrub that suits you and please try to get one with ACTIVE ingredients such as glycolic acid that will really clean out the pore. (please no Apricot scrubs!!!) my all time favourite is from ASAP again


A night cream– at night your skin recovers and needs a little rest. This is when I like to use some extra serums like Retinol which I have discussed before. However, for Christmas I am trying to keep the routine as easy as possible for people. Find a nice moistuirser that will hydrate when you a sleeping, replenishing the skin. Oily skins should go for a lighter moistuiser or a night cream that has some actives (glycolic again or salicylic acid that will gently exfoliate while you rest). I’m liking Aspects Resveratrol Moisturising Cream at the moment.


You can always put on a hair and face mask some night when you are having a pj night in front of the fire. This always makes the skin look fresh and glowy before a spacial event or night out. Make up will always sit better and last longer on skin that has been cared for.

Remember too to drink as much water as possible. We can use all the products in the world but if we don’t hydrate from the inside it will make no difference.

So let’s get our skin skin ready for the party season ahead

Jessie X