Today I’m showing you some products I use to get me out of a fix when I need to look human but I don’t have time.The past three weeks have been full on getting the new salon ready and my skin and appearance have been a bit blah!
Here are a few things I use when I need to fake a bright eye look.

1. A good tan:

I love all of the cocoa brown range and will use the instant tan bronzing gel if I haven’t time to let a tan develop. We all feel better with a glow and this has saved me recently.

2. A good scrub/ exfoliator:

If the skin is lacking lustre it may need an exfoliation. Massaging it in too will get the blood flowing and bring some colour to the cheeks. My favourite will never change and it’s asap daily exfoliating facial scrub.

3. A good strobe cream:

When I’m looking very tired I like to put a strobe cream under my foundation or mix it with my moisturiser. I love Mac strobe cream and use a dab in the inner corners of the eye and as a highlight over foundation too.

4. A light weight foundation:

It’s difficult to not go full coverage when feeling tired but this can often make you look worse. You want something light that will reflect and make the skin look fresh. I often opt for a tinted moisturiser or Benefit hello flawless oxygen wow foundation

5. A good bronzer:

A touch of bronzer on the face will add some freshness. My favourite is hoola from benefit again. Use this as an eyeshadow also in the socket of the eye.

6. A curling mascara:

A bit of mascara will open the eyes and always makes you feel better. I love anything by Maybelline, Rimmell and L’Oreal.

8. A good lipgloss:

A gloss will reflect and not be as drying on the lips as a lipstick. This will give a brighter look. I never have a favourite buy I have been partial to using the Note cosmetic BB lip corrector as a gloss the past few weeks. It’s awesome.

9. A good concealer:

I nearly forgot this! Only use concealer to help soften dark circles or cover any blemishes. If you don’t need one, skip this step.

10. A powder / or setting spray:

If you are feeling tired and are trying to create a luminous skin I would stick with a finishing spray. My personal favourite is all nighter by Urban Decay. If you are oily and need more coverage put a powder on first .

This should be a quick 5 minute application to make you feel human again!

Jessie X