Favourites palettes

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The makeup world can be a complicated place. Whether you are a make-up junkie or a complete novice it can be very overwhelming. As much as I love following certain bloggers and seeing their reviews, it can be a dangerous place because you start to want EVERYTHING. I mean really, how many make up palettes does [...]

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2016 favourites round up

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My last post for 2016 will be a list of some of my favourite finds over the last 12 months. These are the items I have gone back to and repurchased throughout the year.  MAC strobe cream:    I often apply it as part of my make up routine. Put this over make up on the [...]

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Sale time- CH chemist

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If you are from Kerry, you will know that CH chemist is a one stop shop for everything.  Make up, fragrances, skincare, you name it and it is there. I have picked out some of my favourite items from the website that are on sale at the moment.  Huge discounts are happening right now so if [...]

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Cleanser debate:

By |2017-06-09T16:36:23+01:00December 14th, 2016|Categories: Christmas, Product review, Skincare|

In the past I have stated that I didn't think it was necessary to spend a large sum of money on cleansers. My theory always was it is only on your skin for a minute or two so keep your cash for serums etc. Having done some more courses and listening to some fantastic speakers on [...]

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Christmas skin survival guide

By |2016-12-08T21:35:19+00:00December 8th, 2016|Categories: beauty, Christmas, Make up, Skincare|

It's Christmas! This means alcohol, food, sweets, sugar, makeup and bad habits! It's the best time of year but we often feel sluggish in January after lots of food and drinkies. This plays havoc with our skin so here are a few tips to try to keep your skin fresh and glowing from Christmas Eve to the [...]

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Penneys/ Primark gift ideas:

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Let's face it, we all have a love for Penneys but this year they have seriously upped their game. It is impossible to walk in and leave empty handed but why not use it as a stopping ground for picking up some Christmas gifts? I have picked up some bits and pieces over the past few [...]

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Glitter favourites for the party season 

By |2017-06-09T17:14:04+01:00November 15th, 2016|Categories: beauty, Christmas, Make up|

It is getting very Christmassy and I'm so happy to be at home this year for the build up. It's my favourite part. The shops are full of glittery tops and sparkle for the party season. So why not get adventurous and add some sparkle to your make up? Today I am picking some of my [...]

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Christmas gift ideas from

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I know it is early to be harping on about Christmas gift ideas but it will suddenly be upon us. I have picked a few of my favourite products from crownbrush.ieEvery year I get friends asking me for the best brushes for gift ideas. I have used crown brishes for years and can honestly say they [...]

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Top 10 beauty products 2015

By |2015-12-12T04:15:40+00:00December 12th, 2015|Categories: beauty, Christmas, Lipstick, Make up, Product review, Skincare|

It is coming closer to the end of the year so it's time to round-up of my absolute favourite beauty products for 2015.  1- Maybelline Fit me foundation- Sorry! I promise I wont mention this product again but it is by far my best purchase of 2015. Budget friendly, wonder product, best thing since slice bread [...]

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Festive skincare

By |2015-12-07T07:15:01+00:00December 7th, 2015|Categories: beauty, Christmas, Pampering, Skincare|

It's finally the weekend and I couldn't be more excited because in a few days I will be on a plane home!. I haven't done a skin care post for a while and what better time to revamp our skin care routine for the party season. I have to admit I have been SOOOO slack lately, [...]

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