The makeup world can be a complicated place. Whether you are a make-up junkie or a complete novice it can be very overwhelming. As much as I love following certain bloggers and seeing their reviews, it can be a dangerous place because you start to want EVERYTHING. I mean really, how many make up palettes does a gal need!
I am very lucky in my line of work because I have to stay up to date with make-up (as much as I can) so people have a nice selection. However, the reality is that some palettes are amazing and worth the hype and others are just a waste of money.
So here are my favourites and all are a different price range.

Urban Decay €47.50 available from Debenhams

I purchased this a few years and thought at the time it was a big investment. I can honestly say I wear this at least 5 days of the week. It is my go to palette and I have worn every colour. This is at least three years old and it is never ending. I love the mix of light and dark browns, golds and there is also a gun metal shade if you want a smokier eye. I also think the colours are universal and would suit all eye colours. If you are looking for an everyday palette, this is the one I recommend.

Mac Eyeshadow x 15 – warm neutrals €59.50 available from Brown Thomas

While I use the urban decay on myself I decided to invest in the MAC neutral palette for my kit. I use this palette on 90% of clients. It has the perfect mix of soft nudes for older client’s that may not want a heavy look and then golds, copper and dark browns and blacks for more drama. It is the most amazing palette for bridal make up. If you like MAC shadows and want an everyday palette that you will get lots of use out of, this is the one I would recommend. There are also smaller palettes with 9 shades that may suit better so check these out too

Crown Rose gold palette €27 available from

You cant go wrong with Crown. I have three of the palettes and they are a staple in my kit. This is a cheaper price point but colour pay off is great. In comparison to MAC and Urban Decay you will use a little more product but they are half the price. I have these palettes for years and they have just realeased a new pro range which looks fantastic. The latest addition for me was the Rose Gold palette. I adore this and the colours are very on trend. Like it or hate it dramatic make up is in and heavy glam isn’t going anywhere. The rose gold palette was perfect for me to experiment with. It has a lot of browns and nudes too so you can do a mixture of looks but it has reds, burnt oranges, soft pinks and shimmer which is needed for heavy glam. If you aren’t sure where to start with experimenting with colours I would highly recommend any of the Crown palettes.

Huda Beauty Dessert Dusk palette €65 available from Brown Thomas


The minute I saw this was realesed I whipped out my card and didn’t even think twice. It was a totally unnecessary purchase but in my eyes worth every penny. I adore the colours, lots of rich reds, oranges, dark browns and purple. There is a great selection of softer pigments for highlighting and to me it has a lovely mix of shimmer, foiled shadows and matt. One small thing is I find there is a little bit of fall out with some of the glitter shades and I HATE fallout. It’s not enough to get upset about but I would recommend a glitter glue for some of them if you want a dramatic look. I also think this palette will work best on brown and green eyes. It just makes the eyes pop. I never worry too much about matching eye colours as make up is meant to be fun so if you are blue eyed and would like to try this, go for it. It’s a really fun palette and there’s huge choice of colours.

So these are my favourites to date and ones I have happily tried and tested.
So whats my top pick …….urban decay.

It covers everything. It’s easy and uncomplicated and perfect for EVERYONE. This is my choice for some one that wants a palette that will work in any scenario.
If you want something a bit more colourful it’s a hard call between the dessert dusk and the rose gold palette and there is a huge difference in price. If you are starting out and wanting to add a little extra to your makeup with out breaking the bank, the crown Rose gold would be my pick.

I hope this gives you an idea on prices and different styles. It’s a question I get asked a lot and it’s hard to answer as it depends on the person but hopefully this will be some way helpful

Jessie X