Make up application

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  A question we are often asked is what make up brands we use for make up application. We have a mixture of amazing products such as Mac, urban decay, crown brush, stila, benefit and lots more. Our aim is to keep up to date with the must have products that are pigmented and professional. Our [...]

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Yumi lash lift

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This weeks Wednesday wisdom is all about Yumi lashes. This is by far one of the most popular treatments at JOS Here are some questions we often get asked. How long does the lash lift last: Yumi lash lift will last anything from 6-8 weeks and will grow out with the natural cycle of your eye [...]

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Yumi lashes 

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Happy Sunday Everyone. So in February I introduced Yumi lash treatment to JOS. I had a lot of people asking for lashes or alternatives and I figured Yumi was the best for for my salon. This is a lash lift and tint treatment that Lifts, lengthens and tints your natural lashes. It is a perfect solution [...]

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Changes at JOS

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So guys I have decided to do a little switch with my social media. I won’t be using the jessiekessie FB page at the moment and instead the same content will be published to my business page, JOS skin and beauty. I’ve been repeating the same stuff across the two pages and conscious that it’s getting [...]

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ASAP skincare serums- your essentials for healthy skin 

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Last week I discussed the basics in the ASAP skincare range. Now it's time for my favourites and the hero products of the range- serums. These are the building blocks to your skin and anti ageing programme. Super B complex:     An all rounder for all skin types. Excellent for dry, dehydrated skin. This also works [...]

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Waxing vs Threading ! 

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Hello hello Waxing or threading! That is the question! Last weekend I had a pretty bad reaction to some waxing strips! It was a little yuckie and lasted around 4 days. Does this happen to anyone else? This happens to me a lot with facial waxing so I now need to go back to threading or [...]

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