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Waxing or threading! That is the question!
Last weekend I had a pretty bad reaction to some waxing strips! It was a little yuckie and lasted around 4 days. Does this happen to anyone else?
This happens to me a lot with facial waxing so I now need to go back to threading or hair removal creams. I only do this every few months but my brows need to be done every 6 weeks.

Any waxing lately has left my skin a little battered! It just isn’t working for me. Last weekend I did a quick tidy up with a waxing strip I got at the chemist. It did not end well!

I am not showing this picture to scare people but to advise on what to do before waxing

– stop all active ingredient for a few days before

– this means all acids and retinol (vitamin A)

– if you do this at home make sure you apply a post waxing lotion to soothe

– be gentle!

A great alternative to waxing is threading. You can thread the whole face and the results are amazing. It’s great for brows, sides of face, chin and lip. I find it lasts much longer this way too.

I had been doing HD brows for two years in Sydney. I have been doing them myself since I moved home because I’m afraid to let anyone else at them. (Check out Ultimate brows by Ciara Gallagher if you are in Sydney! She’s the 💣)

With HD there is a lot of threading and some waxing. I’m not a fan of waxing as on the rare occasion skin would lift. This was always my own fault as I would have been using active products and forget to stop before my brow waxing. This very rarely happened on my brows and was never bad and would be fine within a few hours.

If you are sensitive to waxing try HD brows as it is a combination.  Alternatively do threading on its own. The skin can be red after but it is a much kinder approach to the skin.

On that note it will be threading for me at the moment and I will be avoiding my wax pot or at home waxing strips!

Have you a personal favourite ?
Jessie X