Fav looks from Met gala

By |2017-06-05T20:28:25+01:00May 2nd, 2017|Categories: Fashion, Make up, Ramblings|

The met gala happened last night and it is always a time we get to see some quirky styles and great make up looks. This year was no different even though I thought lots of people played it safe. Here are some of my favourite looks. All images are from Vouge.    The next few are [...]

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Changes at JOS

By |2017-06-09T12:01:15+01:00March 9th, 2017|Categories: Beauty, Ramblings, Treatments|Tags: , , , , , |

So guys I have decided to do a little switch with my social media. I won’t be using the jessiekessie FB page at the moment and instead the same content will be published to my business page, JOS skin and beauty. I’ve been repeating the same stuff across the two pages and conscious that it’s getting [...]

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The Importance of a skin consultation 

By |2017-01-19T20:50:29+00:00January 19th, 2017|Categories: Ramblings, Skincare|

I love nothing more then helping people create a realistic skin plan that targets concerns and is also easy to maintain. One thing I have noticed recently is the rise of people using products that they have seen bloggers and social influencers using. When I ask the question: what are you using and why? The reply [...]

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Photography wedding tip

By |2017-01-15T20:40:49+00:00January 15th, 2017|Categories: Ramblings, Weddings|

I decided to detox my phone and computer a few days ago and in doing so came across some forgotten pictures.It's no secret that I love photographs and love to take them too. I had a right giggle backing up photos over the past two years. What I did find hidden away was a disk with [...]

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Pssst….Do you want to know my news???

By |2017-06-09T17:31:29+01:00September 29th, 2016|Categories: beauty, Ramblings|

Hey everyone, You have probably seen over the past few weeks I have been doing a few conversion courses since I moved back home and have been saying I will be offering some treatments. Well, the time has come and I'm really excited (and frightened) to announce that JOS Skin&Beauty will be ready in 2 weeks! [...]

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Waxing vs Threading ! 

By |2017-06-09T19:42:27+01:00September 19th, 2016|Categories: beauty, Ramblings, Treatments|

Hello hello Waxing or threading! That is the question! Last weekend I had a pretty bad reaction to some waxing strips! It was a little yuckie and lasted around 4 days. Does this happen to anyone else? This happens to me a lot with facial waxing so I now need to go back to threading or [...]

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By |2016-04-20T21:55:25+01:00April 20th, 2016|Categories: beauty, Ramblings|

Happy Wednesday peeps I woke up this morning with a message from my friend Karen letting me know that jessiekessie has been nominated for two categories in the TanOrganic Irish beauty blog awards!!! I couldn't believe it and I am so so happy. This blog started as a hobby and that's all it may ever be, [...]

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Be my Valentine

By |2016-02-12T08:00:00+00:00February 12th, 2016|Categories: beauty, Fashion, Lust list, Ramblings|

Valentine's day is only a day or two away. I'm a huge softie but I am not overly into this day because I think you can do nice little gestures for your significant other throughout the whole year! In saying that, it is a time that people treat each other. Here is my list of some [...]

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Motivation train

By |2016-02-03T08:00:08+00:00February 3rd, 2016|Categories: Ramblings|

Happy February I am writing this on Monday, February 1st. My New Year's resolutions never actually started in January so I am taking that the first day of the month falls on a Monday as a sign to get my ass back in gear. I really don't know what happened in January. My motivation is normally [...]

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