Have you had long week of work?
I, for one, amso happy it is finally the weekend. This was a long long week and I feel my body and skin are suffering. I need a little TLC and I have the perfect Friday/ Saturday evening routine.

Once you get home take a long hot shower or bath and exfoliate your body. My current favourite is Tough Stuff by Cocoa Brown. This is an amazing product and if you are a fan of the tans (and who isn’t), you will LOVE this.
(I’m not big on baths! I know that’s weird isn’t it, but they make me feel a bit claustrophobic)

Slather on a body moisturiser. After a long week the skin is probably dehydrated. I am useless for looking after the skin on my body but my go to moisturiser when I think of it is Dove.

Put on your comfy pj’s and tie your hair up off your face

Cleanse and scrub your skin clean. After this apply some soothing product. It can be a face mask, moisturiser or serum. Whatever you prefer. My choice for this weekend is my trusty glow oil from Medik 8. Don’t apply any active ingredient. Just let the skin hydrate and replenish

If you are feeling up to it apply some pressure point massage to your face. I like to use my thumbs and press in around my eyebrows. This spot can relieve a lot of tension.

If you are in a colder climate why not get a microwaveablebean bag and place on your shoulders to relieve tension from your shoulders. (It is far too hot at the moment to do this in Sydney!)

Before you fully relax, take a moment and write down your “to do list”for the weekend. This will declutter your mind and get you set for the day ahead.

As tempting as it is to grab a glass of wine at this point, try to resist and have a glass of sparkling water to hydrate or a cup of tea! Take a few deep breaths and switch off. Unplug from social media and try to chill out.

If your starting to Nod off on the couch make yourself get up. Spray some lavender on your pillow and sleep tight.
Products used:

Exfoliater- Tough stuff – Cocoa Brown 

Moisturiser- Dove

Cleasnser- Purity Solution from Cosmedix

Scrub- Daily Exfoliating scrub ASAP

Oil- Glow Oil Medik8

Happy Weekend Beauties
Jessie X