It is hard to go past a magazine or social media and not realize that thick brows are IN.
All celebrities and models are rocking the perfect manicured brow and we all want a piece. 
I spent years doing my own brows and like most girls that grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, over plucking was a HUGE problem.
A picture popped up in my memories from Facebook recently and I nearly chocked on my coffee. WTF!!!!
How did I go around with brows like this (or lack of them)

I am one luck gal that mine have grown back. I now have what I consider a thick enough eyebrow and bar the odd tweeze for a random one here or there, I am on a tweezer ban. I get HD brows done every 6-8 weeks and I don’t think I could go without!. Even though I am a beauty therapist, (FYI the picture above was waaayyyy before I did my beauty training) I still prefer someone else to do mine. It’s very hard to get the right shape. 
Here is a review I did last year on my HD brow experience:

Here are some of my tips for keeping your brows in shape:

-Go to a qualified and trusted beauty therapist or brow specialist

-Do not tweeze at home unless you know what you are doing- it’s so easy to keep going and NEVER pluck above the brow or the front of your brows

-Tinting or HD is great if you don’t want to shade in everyday

-Be very gentle and light handed if you are shading in to avoid the sharpie/ block look- it suits no one

-Ask your therapist which wax they use- strip wax can damage the delicate skin on this area. Soft wax is much more gentle. Better still, try threading. This is such an amazing and effective way to shape brows. 

– Always give your brows a quick brush with a spooly brush to give them a maintained look

Below are some of my favourite brows: 


Here are some of my favourite brow products that I currently use:

1-Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown


one of my favourite products

2- In2It brow pencil in brown

3- HD palette in Foxy

4- I also highly recommend Rimmell products for brows


Any pencil will work once it is soft and close to your brow colour. 

Can any of you relate to the over plucking days?
Jessie X