So it’s mid January and I am back to work tomorrow!!! I can’t complain as I had the best month- Christmas at home, wedding and a honeymoon! The party is well and truly over and it’s time to get back to reality!

I love having a routine so it’s good to get back to normality . Over the past month I have eaten and drank far too much and my whole body is struggling. On honeymoon I was swollen and tired after the few weeks at home and the flights. Does anyone else suffer from flying?
Anyway, I am starting my detox. I can’t even cope with a body detox right now! That will have to wait another week or two so I am focusing on a skin detox and getting back to a regular routine.

Skin really suffers from bad food and alcohol. I didn’t get any breakouts but the overall appearance is dull and lifeless. To get things back on track here’s what I suggest:

Exfoliate – nothing gets rid of dead skin like exfoliator. You know my favourite is ASAP exfoliating scrub. I’m going to use this three times a week to help boost skin and circulation


Serums– the superheroes for the skin! Serums will help protect the skin and add back nutrients and antioxidants. A vitamin C serum is so worth it but choose what you prefer. Many people tell me they love Rosehip oil. While I don’t think this is as beneficial, I have used it in the past and it helps. Apply your serums to get the glow and protection back

Remove make up- party season is over so no more excuses! Take that make up off with a nice cleanser and put on a night cream. I am guilty of going to bed a few nights over Xmas with all make up on.

Don’t forget your eyes- our eyes can take a battering over Xmas. We may wear more make up, forget to take off mascara, late nights and bad eating can cause puffiness! Use a separate eye make up remover, use an eye spray to refresh tired eyes and don’t forget an eye cream to hydrate! I am yet to find my miracle eye cream but keep putting one on to hydrate and reduce fine lines from forming. I am still using Eye believe from Skinstitute.


Water– I always say hydrate etc and over Xmas I would say I drank a glass a day! So bad before a wedding but it’s so hard in the cold. Nothing helps dull skin like H2O

Eat your greens and fruit– another basic that I find difficult to stick with. When I arrived home I was blown away with how amazing and fresh my twin sisters skin was. She was literally glowing. When I asked her what her secret was she said she was having her 5 a day. No fancy creams can substitute good eating!


Microdermabrasion- if you can treat yourself in January the best thing you can do is a micro. This will give your skin the best clean. My favourite salon at home, Top to toe beauty, reminded me of this when an offer flashed up on their page yesterday. It is the perfect detox for your skin in January!

So there you have it girls. Try some of these steps to get your skin back to its best this New Year. I’m starting from the head down this year and will worry about the body next week!

Jessie X