Dripping gold tan review:

I jumped on the bandwagon and was lucky enough to pre order the dripping gold tan a few weeks ago.
I purchased the mousse and decided to try the dark.
If you follow me here and and on snap chat you know I am a cocoa brown gal. I’ve used it for years and never move from it. I was interested to try something new and maybe add a new tan to the salon.
First impressions:
-This is an easy to apply mousse. I just popped it on a mit and did circular motions ensuring I reached all areas.
-No bad tan smell
-Dries in quickly
– Lovely colour from the start
I did make a complete mess on the feet. I was eager to try after a long Saturday at work and when I got to my feet I was less then careful. It looked dreadful when I woke up the next morning after developing and I was waiting for disaster to occur here, but everywhere else was looking even pre shower. (However it all turned out even and perfect post shower)
I left it to develop over night. Recommended time is 7 hours
-Beautiful even tan
-Olive tone that I loved
-Surprisingly my botched feet came out perfect after the shower. I gave a good scrub and it all evened out (big plus)
-Still no tan smell (hurrah)
I would compare the dark in this range to the dark or even extra dark in the cocoa brown if that helps anyone out as a guide. I don’t think I would need to try the ultra dark. I did love the colour and if someone wanted a really deep tan the dark and ultra would be the ones to try. Stick to the medium if you want something more natural.
Big thumbs up from me. I really can’t fault this tan. It has lots of hydrating ingredients like hyalouronic acid, shea butter and coconut oil and this to me made a big difference. It lasted a good 6-7 days without going patchy. I will admit I wasn’t the best for applying moisturiser everywhere post tan but it still faded evenly. Certain spots like ankles started to get patchy but that’s expected if you aren’t doing the after care. I will always advice customers to start moisturising 2 days post tan to ensure it fades evenly. I must start taking my own advice!
If you are in the market for a new tan I would happily recommend this to people and it is available in pharmacies nation wide.
Jessie X