A few months back I caved and purchased the pillow  talk lip cheat liner. I had been using it with a mixture of my own lipsticks and can honestly say it is a gorgeous pencil. It glides on, does not drag the lip and can be worn with pinks and nudes.

I got a gift of the minis for Christmas and was dying to try them out.

The three shades are:

Kim KW
Carina’s love
Secret Salma

Secret Salma is by far my favourite, a pink/ mauve and perfect for day or night. This has a matte formula so longer staying power but still hydrating.

Carina’s love is a beautiful red that is easy to wear. Sometimes I get nervous with reds. I feel they can be too much but this is still subtle enough to feel comfortable. This is also a matte finish.

Kim KW is probably the best known colour in the collection, however it is my least favourite. For me it is just too nude. Some days I wear it and love it and other days I feel it washes me out. It is the kissing formula which has extracts that nourish the lips, has UV protection and also gives a 3D finish to the lips.

This has become a really popular shade for brides. My friend recently wore it on her wedding day and it looked so beautiful that I would recommend it to all brides and really wanted to get it myself after seeing it on her. One of my brides during the summer purchased it too and wore it on her day and I loved it. I think it really depends on your colouring so give it a go, but for me I would prefer the other shades in the collection.

Here are some swatches:

Kim KW, Carina’s Love, Secret Salma

This lipstick is nice and moisturising on the lips. There is a mixture of matte and nourishing. It doesn’t have crazy lasting power but I’m ok with that. Sometimes the strong mattes or liquids are just too drying so I really like the consistency and they last a good portion of the day

Colour payoff on all three lipsticks is very very good. I particularly loved the red in this collection as it leaves a lovely strong pigment on the lips.

-Packaging is lovely
-Even though the minis are small they are a great size for testing the product
-A lovely selection of colours, with a pink, a very wearable red and nude
– Colour lasts for a good length of time but you will need touch ups

-Because the minis are so small and thin, you have to be careful that they don’t snap on application
-There is always a shade you may not like when you buy a miniature pack
-If you know the shade you like, value wise, you are better to buy the full size lipstick

Price of minis: €40

Price of full size lipstick €32

Price of pillow talk lip Cheat liner €22

The prices can be a little expensive but having used them I would 100% treat myself to one again and dare I say it, but, I think I prefer them to MAC lipsticks!

Have any of you tried?

Jessie X