Dry and dehydrated skin has been the most common complaint I have heard in the salon since the good weather left.
Today I am going to quickly run through the difference between dry and dehydrated skin and a few tips to add some moisture back into your routine.
Dry skin is a skin type where the skin is lacking lipids and oils and tends to remain dry all year.
Dehydrated skin is a condition and is a lack of water in the skin. It can be improved and resolved by adding hydration back into your diet and in your products.
Easy tips if you are experiencing either
1- Hydrate- water, water and more water
2- Add more good fats and oils into your diet- avocados, salmon, nuts
3- Fish oils have been known to help add moisture to the body also
4- Reduce coffee and tea as they are big dehydrators
Skin care tips
1- Exfoliate- people tend to avoid this step for dry/dehydrated but our cells still need a helping hand to turnover, especially as we get older
2- Add in a hydrating serum such as hyalouronic acid, onto clean skin before your moisturiser. This will bind the moisture in to a deeper level and can make a HUGE difference.
3- Moisturise- you may need to change to a richer moisturiser with ceramides and rich in humectants to add extra moisture to the skin. Be aware of moisture boosting ingredient such as shea butter, niacinamide, glycerin, oils such as evening primrose oil, hydrasalinol
4- Skincare drinks- there are lots on the market. At JOS we stock and LOVE skinade. The hydrating properties in this will be noticed after two weeks and is working from the inside out.
A few favourites at JOS:
asap Super B complex €72
Hands down my ride or die product. As a dry skin type I couldn’t survive without this. This is packed with cross linked hyalouronic acid to hydrate, niacinamide to boost collagen production and red clover extract to help with pore size. A multi functional product ideal for all skin types
Janssen 7 day moisturiser boost €20
A great way to add a quick boost to the skin. This is packed with hyalouronic acid also and will have your skin feeling fresh and glowing
asap Ultimate Hydration €65
A great moisturiser for very dry and dehydrated skin types. It’s also perfect for sensitive skin and has amazing soothing and healing properties. This can be used morning and night
NeoStrata bionic face cream €51.50
This is a new one to the salon and I am loving it. This is super hydrating and adds an immediate soothing and hydrating burst to the skin. Or has been specially designed for dry and sensitive skin types
Dermaceutic K Ceutic €40
This is designed as a post treatment cream and Inise after peels and skin needling. However for very dry skin it is a super nourishing moisturiser. This is packed with shea bitter and vitamin E aswell as having spf 50.
asap daily exfoliating facial scrub €20/€40
This can be used 1-2 times a week to help remove and banish dull, dead skin. It will keep skin clear and allow serums to work better
Please feel free to book in for a complementary skin consultation also where we can assess your specific concerns or just help you work out a routine that suits your needs
All products are available in salon or from our online shop https://www.josskinandbeauty.ie/shop/
Jessie X