Stila vs Essence

Stila vs Essence

I love a bit of glitter or shine on my eyes so when Stila released this eye product a few months I was over the moon. After a while I jumped on the bandwagon and made a purchase on Asos.

Stila Magnificent metals glitter and glow in bronzed bell €27

First impression:
Sweet baby Jesus the nicest thing I have seen for eyes in a very long time. I was delighted and the colour really popped. It was still subtle and not OTT. I would consider it an elegant glitter and perfect for all ages.

I then purchased the Essence metal shock eyeshadow in 02 stars and stories €4.40

First impressions:
Serious pigment for the price point and great staying power

Let’s get to the the nitty gritty


-pigment is stronger
-it has more of a glitter running through it and adds more definition to the eye
– easy to apply

-there is some fall out. For the price tag I would have hoped this wouldn’t happen. It goes on so well but if you touch your eye or put too much on the glitter does fall. I have started to use a glue prior to putting it on but the whole reason I purchased was I thought I would not need to do this.
However, I still adore it and would purchase again



-pigment is strong
– lasting power is great for the price point
– very easy to apply and no fall out

– really I have none! It doesn’t stand out as much as the Stila but 100% worth a purchase.

Let me know if you tried either. I will happily purchase both again in the future but there is a big difference in price

Jessie X


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