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Make up artists I am loving

Today I am doing a quick round-up of some of my favourite make artists.

Some I have been following for a long time and others are more recent. Instagram is my main social media platform for checking these guys out and I often check in on their websites or YouTube channels.

Let me know if you follow and love any as much as I do.

Wayne Goss:
I’ve done a post like this before and Wayne is always top of the list. I love him. He is honest, engaging, informative and a truly amazing make up artist. There is no more to say. Check him out.


Ciara Allen:
I have been following Ciara for a good while now on Instagram. She’s a breath of fresh air. Again a fabulous artist with beautiful looks. She has a brill attitude and seems really sound. She also has a love for hoop earrings like myself. The final thing I will add is that if you follow her insta stories she seems very supportive to people in the industry.


Jeanette Cronin:
I started watching Jeanette’s Youtube videos a year ago and she’s so good. She is talented and pretty amazing when it comes to full on glamour make up looks. She has just opened her own make up studio in cork and I can only imagine it to be all types of fabulous. I’ve booked in to do some one to one training with her in June to perfect some glam looks and I cannot wait.


Sharon Farrell:
Sharon has been one of my absolute favourites for a long time now and has been on my list of artists before. She’s an Irish make up artist living in Sydney and again seems like a seriously lovely person. Her make up looks are gorgeous. She give very honest reviews and her videos are a lot of fun.


Jessie X

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